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Why the Regenestem Network

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We are the largest membership network of Regenerative Medicine Clinics in the world, providing cutting-edge care with the latest advancements in Cellular Therapies to patients Worldwide.

Our mission is to make the promise of stem cell medicine become a reality for patients around the world.

Our program consists of a Rapidly expanding Network of Physicians who are assigned Exclusive Territory within their country and or specialty.

Each Physician is Trained by our competent Staff, secures all necessary medical equipment and supplies to perform Stem Cell Treatments, contracts perform Stem Cell Treatments, contracts with us so we can market, recruit and forward patients to their practice.

Additionally, each REGENESTEM PHYSICIAN is invited to become a member of our Faculty.

What our members are saying

The following testimonials were unsolicited and the members providing them are real. Their locations have been omitted to prevent unqualified candidates from calling members directly and consuming their valuable time. The location of any of our members, including those who have supplied testimonials, is available from the corporate office to any individual who meets our qualification standards.