About of Regenestem

Know About Regenestem Network.

The Regenestem Network, a division of Regenestem, LLC  began in 2012, and since then we have grown into a global family of premier Regenerative Medicine Providers.

As a member, we all share the same mission as well a passion for Regenerative Medicine. Strong values, providing ethical care, compassion, and empathy for patients suffering from chronic debilitating diseases are all part of what we are striving to achieve. Because we practice the medicine of the future and maintain these values, all of our goals can and will be achieved.

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Regenestem Network is the largest membership network of Regenerative Medicine Clinics in the world. It provides cutting-edge care with the latest advancements in Cellular Therapies to patients Worldwide.

Our program consists of a rapidly expanding Network of Physicians. They are assigned an exclusive territory within their country and or specialty. Each Physician is Trained by our competent staff and secures all necessary medical equipment, and supplies to perform  Stem Cell Treatments. Patient consent forms, websites, social media, and internet marketing packages, are specifically prepared and launched for each member. Additionally, each REGENESTEM PHYSICIAN is invited to become a member of our faculty.