The Regenestem is an international Network of medical practices focused on providing comprehensive medical solutions for adult stem cell treatments and research. Regenestem Network Doctors are specialized professionals who are trained in the latest cellular medicine has to offer. We are dedicated to provide the best medical solutions to help improve your health and quality of life. Regenestem constantly investigates, shares, utilizes, and integrates the latest protocols in the adult stem cell arena to provide the best medical solutions for our patients. Regenestem is committed to identify the leading treatments in the ßeld, and in return train our franchisees so they can offer the best possible treatment to their patients.

Services Offered

  • Cell Banking, Cell Expansion, Dose Recovery, and Cell Re-Introduction
  • State of Art Hyperbaric Chamber on Premises
  • Direct Catheterization to Organs
  • Regenestem Life Style Program
medics doing a procedure