The following testimonials were unsolicited and the members providing them are real.

Their locations have been omitted to prevent unqualified candidates from calling members directly and consuming their valuable time. The location of any of our members, including those who have supplied testimonials, is available from the corporate office to any individual who meets our qualification standards.

Our decision 2 + years ago truly changed our lives. The Regenestem Network business model, the
systems, the training, and the thorough and always available support of corporate literally
guaranteed our success. I cannot praise The Regenestem Network enough when talking to
prospective new members and I am sure the enthusiasm of the membership comes through loud and clear when prospective members do their due diligence and call us. In my mind, the decision to join The Regenestem Network should be readily evident to anyone serious about getting into this industry. We are so grateful for the significant contribution The Regenestem Network has made in order for us to be successful.

Eric Yalung MD

Hi Rick! Alicia and I feel strongly that what you have been offering us as members has been absolutely exceptional.

We are proud to be part of this organization and ALWAYS emphasize our membership in our advertising media. We now have treated over 50 patients and all of them are doing exceptionally well, but have only been in business for less than 1 year. Being a part of a worldwide organization and having access to your experience, expertise, and superb member support has been a tremendous advantage to us. We could never have achieved this success without having you behind us all the way.

Our association with Regenestem most certainly gives our patients comfort knowing that we are part of such an organization and that we are local. We are really getting the best of both worlds and are taking advantage of it!

Thank you for everything you do, Gilberto Hernandez Falcon MD

I wanted to thank you for everything you and the Regenestem team have done to help me get my practice to where it is today. I started with a small office inside the hospital
and we are now over a million-dollar practice and getting better every day. I just wanted
to make sure I say thank you because no matter what happens from this point forward I
am a better person now than when I started and without your help, I may never have started.

Manuel Moscoso MD

The Training manual l is brilliant and I go back to it frequently when establishing systems for
our company.

Angel Gallegos MD

I am very happy with my decision to go with The Regenestem Network. I want to thank everyone
there for giving me everything I need to make my practice a success. While I learned a lot
in the training class, it did not stop there. I had been practicing medicine for many years
on my own and was doing ok. But with the help of Regenestem, I now practice the medicine of the future. This is the real thing. You have had all the answers for me: in Science, Operations, marketing, etc.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. You have fulfilled my dreams and more

Enrique Testart MD

I had to write you to tell you what a terrific experience the initial Stem Cell training was for
me. As you know by now, I have 35 years of practicing medicine. I
have been involved in 4 different specialties businesses as an owner or owner-operator. I have been in doctors’ networks before, I have seen the good and bad of practitioners joining forces.

The time I spent in the initial Stem Cell training was by far the absolute best training that I have ever experienced or have knowledge of,
. Obviously, the general principles of molecular biology that you and Purita presented were not new to me. I had “heard it all before”, but never in such a meaningful and learnable fashion. As, trainers, you guys are tops!

It certainly helps that your organization, The Regenestem Network, is a great concept, but I
have never seen a more thorough, on-point applicable, and easy-to-use library of
protocols, science, marketing, and operations. In short, your “Practice in a
box” is the best set of organizational and operational tools that I have ever seen, and far
and away, the best value. It has been a while since I have been so excited and optimistic
about a practice startup. Thanks to you and your organization

Thank you! Charles Mahl MD FACS FISC

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